Brian O'Mahoney (b.1993) is an American performance artist and theatre maker. His work navigates the mental landscapes of his mania, depression, and anxiety through absurd, irreverent images and uninhibited performances.

He has shown work at The Watermill Center (Water Mill, NY), Roodkapje Radicals (Rotterdam, Netherlands), The Hub Of New Music & Arts (Newark, NJ), The Southampton Arts Center (Southampton, NY) and at comedy manifestshow (New Brunswick, NJ). O'Mahoney has worked with artists such as Robert Wilson, Andrey Bartenev, Dimitris Papaioannou, Marianna Kavallieratos, Dorian Silec Petek, Trina Merry, and Mei Ann Teo, amongst others. Brian has held residencies at The Watermill Center (New York, 2013-2017) and Performance Art Research Ljubljana (Slovenia, 2019).

photos © Lovis Ostenrik, Maria Baranova-Suzuki, Chloe Bellemere