Project in development

Concept, Design, and Direction by Brian O'Mahoney

with Asst. Dir. Casey Chartier

in residence at The Watermill Center Nov-Dec 2017

photo © Lovis Ostenrik

photo © Lovis Ostenrik

photo © Lovis Ostenrik

TALK TO ME, by Brian O'Mahoney, is a new performance work that explores anxieties around communication by establishing new languages based on image and gesture. Nonsensically but seriously investigating interpersonal relations, TALK TO ME is a romp through new and absurd physical dialects. Constantly finding more elaborate and obtuse ways to communicate, O’Mahoney seeks to interrogate the source of our collective anxiety around communication.


Casey Chartier (b.1993) is a Brooklyn-based performer. She has studied Meisner acting under Maria Aladren. Her most recent project was a world premiere of Mona Curtis' "The Postmodernist" at the Midtown International Theatre Festival. Other works include "Numbers" (world premiere), "hed'da lettuce", "Incorruptible", "PB+J Opera", "Amadeus", and "Twelve Ophelias". She has worked in New Jersey theatres for over 10 years, both in performance and design.