If There is a Paradise

May 23 & 24, 21017

Living Altar. Kaimera Productions. LaGuardia Performing Arts Center. Queens, New York. 


If There is a Paradise was inspired by a letter from a father to his deceased son. The letter begins with the father mentioning how his child's birthday just passed uncelebrated and examines the life and death of his son Noam, over the course of the letter. There is mention of the book "If There is a Paradise" by Ron Leshem, which chronicles the life of soliders such as Noam who fought for Israel in the Israeli-Lebanese conflict in the 80's and 90's. The book, and the movie based off of it, explore not only the warfare the troops experience, but the everyday boring life that exists between the action of battle. 

The work acts as a birthday for Noam, and by extension all those who've passed. The piece alternates between moments of action and rest, with improvised actions and dancing counteracted with set tasks. It is an attempt to find some joy and catharsis in the face of death.