Concept by Dorian Silec Petek and Brian O'Mahoney.

Originally presented for the 2016 Sackler Foundation's Arts & Sciences Conference. The Watermill Center. Water Mill, NY.

July 17 & August 15, 2016.

Three performers are in an space. The rst sits on a chair, smoking. The second stands, holding an umbrella. The third is under a stream of water, or submerged in water, at times drowning, attempting baptism, splashing like a child, and at times, they become a fountain and spewing water from their mouth. They are all wearing various amounts of yellow rain gear. The light is golden, a deep yellow. A thrumming sound is heard in the background.

DRUGI SLEPI is a meditative triptych on memory and nostalgia. The piece simultaneously rejects and embraces nostalgia, which we perceive as a contagious mechanism in society, with the idea of idealizing the past, drawing inspiration from the nostalgia of a Yugoslav Slovenia, and the nostalgic ideologies of America’s baby-boomers.

In the work, water acts as a cleansing agent, in more than the physical sense. Water is often associated with shifting and transmutation, an element between states, as well as also being considered an element linked with the psychic self. Drawing from pagan mythology of the healing power of water, as well as smoke and re, the elements act as a way to purge nostalgia, to varying degrees of intensity.

Originally presented on July 17, 2016. Commisioned by the Sackler Foundation for the 2016 Sackler Arts & Sciences Conference. The Watermill Center. Water Mill, NY. With Tristian Mengin as the third performer.

Remounted on August 15, 2016, for the summer participants of The Watermill Center’s 2016 International Summer Program. Water Mill, NY. With Laurent Le Gall as the third performer.

photo © Jacques Henri Heim

photo © Martyna Nieszczesna

photo © Martyna Nieszczesna